Thursday, January 2, 2014

Guest Writer - Kier Byrnes : Jeff Byrd and Dirty Finch "Draggin Bones" review

Another installment of our guest writer Mr. Kier Byrnes. Today we have a throw back to an old one by Rhode Island's sweethearts, Jeff Byrd and Dirty Finch.


This Rhode Island based alt-country quartet have an impressive debut in Draggin Bones.  Their descriptive vocals, twangy sound and emotive performances remind me between a cross of Travelling Wilburys, Ryan Adams and NRBQ. Frontman, Jeff Byrd has a terrific line up with Dan Simpson, Steve Del Tufo and Shawn O’Brien. The group hasd real chemistry and it shows, especially on songs like “To Be Within/Without” and “Something So Beautiful.”  Its bar room rock at its finest. These guys do a lot of touring fortunately and should be back here in Boston soon.

If you feel so inclined, go check out my review of JBDFs most recent release "Jumped That Train" from earlier this year as well here

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