Thursday, January 2, 2014

Club Passim Iguana Grant Recording Project Update 2 - Artists and Video

Hey there friends and Happy New Year!

Since Passim has made its announcements around its yearly Iguana Grant just over 2 weeks back, a lot of progress has already been made on our little project here at Red Line Roots.

For starters, if you didn't already know we will be recording with the able hands and ears of Andrew Kramer and Sam Margolis at Riverview Studios in Waltham, MA. Our first lock out session date is already set for February 2 and we are super stoked to get the wheels a turning on this project!

Second, we have the great folks at Idlewilde Creations joining us in studio to document the process of the recording and doing some Q&A sessions with the artists who are involved! Soon after we should have some material for you all to check out from our time in the studio. Very excited for this piece of the puzzle and to be able to bring people into the studio with us.

Third, we plan on recording 10 total tracks for this project. As of right now, we have 7 confirmed acts, all of which I am truly excited to have involved with this project. And that line-up is...

-Mark Whitaker
-Eva Walsh
-Ian Fitzgerald and Courtney Gallagher
-Ryan Fitzsimmons and Laurence Scudder
-Jenee Halstead and Danielle Miraglia
-Dan Blakeslee
-Chuck Melchin, Michael Spaly, and "friends"

I think this will be a great collection of re-imagined songs by some of these folks' favorite local songwriters. I hope you all will enjoy this as much as I am enjoying putting it together!

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