Friday, January 3, 2014

Cover Your Friends Friday : Brown Bird edition

Hey, I suppose its my own fault for not really pushing the crowd for more cover videos, so I decided to just push this gig (and these two videos) for Cover Your Friends Friday instead.

This coming Monday (January 6th) is the Brown Bird Cover Night at Club Passim to help benefit Dave Lamb. Brown Bird has been a staple in what is right with the Northeast music scene for years. This Monday, a host of their peers, friends and admirers will gather to pay tribute to the band that has given us so much over time. You can still buy tickets at the link below and going to this show means you will see 14....yes FOURTEEN...different musicians/songwriters/acts pay tribute to the band that they hold so dear to their heart. Those 14 acts are Ian Fitzgerald, The Low Anthem, Jonah Tolchin, Dan Blakeslee, Audrey Ryan, Vudu Sister, James Maple, Patrick Coman, Haunt the House, Allysen Callery, Brian Carroll, Jenee Halstead, Chadley Kolb, and Eric Lichter.

Two of those artists, without prompt, went and made videos of Brown Bird tunes ahead of time for your enjoyment. Patrick Coman and Br...well, me. I did too.

Patrick Coman "Ebb and Flow" (brown bird cover) 

Brian Carroll "Danger and Dread" (brown bird cover)

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