Monday, January 27, 2014

Must Know Musician Monday : Will Houlihan aka "Haunt the House"

There are those who try and fake vigor and enthusiasm. The world is full of "douche face" guitar solos, crappy rhyming schemes in songs, and jackasses dressed in late 19th century garb singing about the farmland when they live in a 3 story brownstone in Allston. This is not of those people. Will Houlihan absolutely exudes passion for his music and songs.

Rural Instrospection Study Group

There is a beautiful simplicity to this release. Its so emotionally full, but the sound has this hollow "man alone in an empty room with a guitar" vibe to it. The music is really quite incredible. There's some hints of Jeff Buckley there. The second track 'Vamprye' leads off with a shrill, shocking, but incredibly beautiful vocal falsetto.I just really really want to listen to this over and over again. It's a short 6 tracks, but still feels like a complete and well presented thought. Something that is loose, but still consciously purposeful. Spooky, powerful, and affecting. With the way Houlihan sings and arranges his work its no surprise he goes by the moniker "Haunt the House".

Haunt the House

While Haunt the House is Will and his performing act, he also has a myriad of folks join him on stage to perform as this act. Always a treat, always more emotion driven and more beautiful than the last time you see them. They are constantly evolving the craft and perfecting how to really get that evocative and stirring sound. Recently I had the pleasure of seeing Will perform at a Brown Bird Tribute show. Quoting my recap " so f*cking beautiful, I have nothing else I could possibly say to better describe it". That's really it. I hate to use this again, but the music is haunting, the name fits. This is music who's purpose is to make you feel feelings. It simply evokes something inside of you that makes you feel moved.

Just listen to this guy's music. It's incredible.

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