Thursday, December 26, 2013

2014 is going to be amazing because...

I posted on the good old FB the other day asking who was releasing projects in 2014, you responded and I compiled a list and wrote why I, personally, am excited for those releases. Here they are below...

North of Nashville – because I still can’t believe that all that joyful noise comes from just two guys.

Glenn Yoder and the Western States – because “hail, hail rock n’ roll”, and these folks rock and roll.
Mando Mania – mandolins…a lot of them. Because that is what my version of heaven looks and sounds like.

Session Americana (2?) – because we need a reason to have more SA shows in town in 2014.

Jeff Byrd and Dirty Finch – because the best parts of “songs with hooks and harmonies” can rock.

Cold Chocolate – because Bluegrass needs more funk/soul infusion.

Joe Fletcher – because he’s Joe Fletcher…and we need an acoustic solo record from this guy with stripped down great tunes.

Mark Whitaker – because the world needs more ungodly talented banjo songwriters.

Anna Rae -because the world needs more honest, beautiful music.

Mark Mandeville and Raianne Richards – because harmonies are what makes music beautiful.

Kate Redgate - because rock bands lead by a badass gal are excellent.

Michelle Lewis – because a beautiful voice and picked guitar can make you smile a mile wide.

Rob Flax – because he probably plays all the string instruments on this thing...better than you can.

Pesky J. Nixon - because dudes with beards can sing heart warming, beautiful songs.

John Mailander – because fiddle is f***ing awesome and John is the awesomest.

Mark Kilianski – because bluegrass guitar is f***ing awesome.

Dave Alpert – because sad, blunt, honest songs can sound upbeat.

Carlin Tripp - because he's got one of those comforting voices, you will like him.

Danielle Miraglia – because everybody got the blues, but this gal can sing em for us.

Christian McNeill - because he was off on that island too long and we missed his wonderful songs here in town.

Nathan Bell - because I am not that familiar with Nathan, but I am damn intrigued in my first listen.

Susan Cattaneo – because we need someone making Boston look good in Nashville.

Tracie Potochnik – because we need a gal that can tell a damn good story through song.

Abbie Barrett – because part 1 and 2 of the EP series were so damn good, we are begging for the third.

Sarah Borges – because she proves that girls can rock harder than guys.

6 East – because pop sentiment in acoustic folk makes you feel good.

Butcher’s Blind - because (and I quote myself) "this is alt-country music at its finest"

Matt Robert - because this dude can pick with the best of them.

Erin Harpe and the Delta Swingers – because we need Charles River Delta music in this city…get dancing and shaking.

Patrick Coman – because good songwriting isn’t dead.

Comanchero – because jam bands can write great tunes and we need more jams.

The Curtis Mayflower - because I don't know what to call their music, but it makes me feel groovy.

Jenee Halstead - because whatever the "it" that people talk about is...this girl has "it".

Allysen Callery – because it’s going to be traditional British Isle tunes. We need to rep the traditions people!

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