Monday, January 20, 2014

Must Know Musician Monday: Eric Lichter

Writing, crafting, and performing great songs is one thing that a lot of folks struggle with. Doing that all while making OTHER people's songs sound amazing is an entirely different beast. A beast that Eric Lichter has mastered again and again and is displayed strongly in all of the recordings that come out of his studio, Dirt Floor Recording Studio in Connecticut. One of those in particular is one of my favorite record's of 2013, nevermind of all time, Ian Fitzgerald's "No Time To Be Tender". Lichter's handy work as a producer, engineer, and studio musician is all over this thing and really quite impressive. Seeing Ian perform solo numerous times it is plain to see that Eric has really added to these songs while allowing them to maintain their oneness with Ian's style and writing. Plainly put, he doesn't shit all over the songs with "hey I can play this solo here", but rather cradles the arrangements with careful and tasteful additions. A graceful balancing act and difficult position to be in. An effort that should be applauded greatly. Another 2013 re-release, Lichter's own Chorduroy, is another fantastic release.


Eric Lichter "Chorduroy"

Studio notes: This is my first record and i wanted to keep it as raw and organic as possible. I played all the instruments and sang all of the parts(for better or worse!). I have to say myself, that its for the better my friend. Eric's vocal takes the best parts of Neil Young's softly spoken voice and smooths out the edges just a bit. The arrangements are well thought, they are radio friendly, but have a roots music gearing, just great all around songs. Listening to Eric makes me happy. All tracks are named one word, a cool concept that I think would be cool for other artists to take a stab at. Simple, simply good and listenable music. I cannot believe he did this all himself.

Dirt Floor

Need a keen ear, an expert behind the board, a purveyor of recording with an appreciation for "the old way", and someone who at any minute could jump in and play 10 different instruments on your recording? Then head to Dirt Floor for your next project. Eric certainly puts his stamp on most of the records that come through his studio, but I think where the difference is is that most of the artist WANT his stamp on it. He tastefully adds so much to songwriters and musicians recording that its still yours, it just sounds a lot better as a result! There is a vibe in this music and with Eric that doesn't really exist elsewhere.

Eric Lichter is the type of musical talent that doesn't come around too often. Extremely humble, yet insanely talented. This is the kind of guy you want to make music with and be best pals with. Thats why he is a Must Know Musician.

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