Friday, January 17, 2014

We Are Turning One, and Want You To Come!

Yup, time flies when you get to write about amazing music on the interwebs. The very first post from Red Line Roots was Valentine's Day of 2013 and was a review of the excellent Glenn Yoder's record Javelina. A shining review if I do say so myself! It's been a whirlwind of a year. I have heard a countless number of amazing songs, records and artists over the past year. I have made a ton of friends. And I hope as a result of all this, I have helped the foster a supportive music community at least on some minute wait. That being said, lets all get together and have a hell of time to celebrate not just one year, but also the wonderful people who were nominated as your "BIG RED" recipients.

When??? Well, thats easy, Tuesday, February 25th.  Music will likely kick off right at 8:30 PM

Where??? One of my favorite places on earth, The Lizard Lounge on Mass Ave. in Cambridge, between Harvard and Porter squares.

How much??? We have been able to drive prices down, but the venue still needs to make money, so the small price of $5 to get in and hang out, see some great acts, and maybe get up yourself.

Who??? That is still somewhat up in the air. I can tell you this...I have reached out to the winners of the Big Red Recognitions and a few of them are definitely on board to come and play. A good friend of mine and one of my favorite new songwriters will also be playing a short set and lets face it...with this many talented people in one place at one time (which is what I hope happens) there will be certainly be improvisational jams and sit ins I am sure! There will likely be instruments sitting around, so lets say the last hour of the night will be open to who ever wants to get up and play if it allows.

Why??? Because I want to celebrate you all.

Won't you join?

More information will be announced when we have a final line up. But I can tell you this. This is the first of many Red Line Sponsored events here in town (summer time festival anyone?). If you want to be on board for those I strongly encourage you to come out to this show and celebrate with us. It will be a great networking opportunity and show that you want to be involved!

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