Monday, February 25, 2013

Jeff Byrd & Dirty Finch - "Jumped that Train" Album review

Jeff Byrd and Dirty Finch is a Rhode Island based four-piece alt-country outfit from somewhere “around Providence” – merely for the sake of associating the fellas with a city. Depending on the night, the gents wear many hats ranging from “bar rock cover band” to Americana balladeers to folky roots-rock group. The band really does it all, and does it all well. Their latest effort “Jumped that Train” is a surefire indicator of the band’s ability to adapt a variety of musical influences into one conducive and excellent style that doesn’t need a label aside from “great music”.
Unleashing a 12 track mix of country pickin’ shitkickers, roots ballads, and singer/songwriter driven tunes JBDF present an eclectic mix of terrific songs on this record. It’s easy to see that since their first CD, they have honed their craft, focusing on all the elements that make a great song, great. Excellent musicianship and guitar work, fantastic story telling, and all that makes a song stand out in a sea of millions. Possibly the most prevalent example being the on point harmonies throughout the record…
Harmonies are an often attempted, but rarely excelled art when it comes to raw recorded music, but an art that comes as second nature to these boys. Two, three and four part vocal sections ring throughout most of the tracks and makes me think to myself “What the hell? Stop doing this so damn good, dudes”.
Favorite tracks include the funky driving “Ashes, Women and Wine” and chicken-pickin’, country rocker “Whiskey” …seriously, if those tunes don’t get you moving you should check your pulse.  Another standout track is the record’s title track. A somewhat grim tale, that bears a bit of hope in getting away from your troubles and moving down the track in the end to something better. Final thoughts on the record are that it’s a very solid, versatile, and well thought out collection that marks a strong momentum in 2013 for these gentlemen. Hopefully the rest of the year is as great for the guys.
Check them out online…and get out to a show. Seriously, these guys are even better in person!

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