Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Check Out This Record: Luke MacNeil "These Are Good Songs"

I got an email a few weeks back about this record and have been pushing it off sadly (apologies to Luke!). I mean, this idea really grabbed hold of me. An album full of covers of tunes that you feel the world needs to know about, both locally harvested and fruit plucked from the "higher point of the tree" (see: Ryan Adams). Regardless, I was really inspired by the idea that MacNeil had for this record. I think its great when one songwriter pays homage to people he respects and songs that he loves. Plus, the timing with our Red Line Iguana Grant project is pretty good right now as well...

 MacNeil has a raspy, gruff kind of voice. The production is pretty polished and shiny considering his gruff vocal, not quite as raw as I would love to hear with that voice, but it works. His voice is solid and he hits all of the right notes. He makes the songs that he is covering his own and adds his particular sonic quality that gives the record a very consistent flow and although the songs come from different writers, they are fit nicely together. The arrangements are great, very simple with simple, strongly picked acoustic guitar and voice driving the majority of the minutes on the record. Something I have grown to appreciate very much. Overall, a solid effort at a really amazing concept.

Check Luke out online at:


  1. Thanks for your kind words about my friend. He deserves recognition!

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