Monday, June 3, 2013

Good News...

Hey there friends,

I have some good news today. I have been officially brought into the Review Shine family as one of their featured blogs. Review Shine is a service that connects musicians to bloggers, and bloggers to musicians. It's a quick and easy database essentially that allows you to submit your release to 60+ well known music blogs for listen and review in a matter of minutes rather than hours upon hours. The service tracks who has listened to your music, downloads it and when they review it. As a recording musician, even with contact lists from working in promotion, I have spent countless hours researching sites that would potentially review me, digging up multiple contact names/e-mails, and then following up when I didn't get a response. I've also spent a good deal of time wondering if the magazine or blog received my email, CD, submission, etc. and if they were going to post. This service essentially takes the guess work of that out and gives you everything nice and you know who is listening and when they are. It's really great!

So what does that mean for Red Line Roots? I will be able to reach a wider variety of musicians who are truly serious about getting themselves heard and for that I am excited. It also, in turn, will hopefully get the blog a bit more web traffic and legitimacy in the music scene. Now, you can still Facebook message me, or email me if you want something reviewed, but this is just another avenue to get new music my way...and to a bunch of other great blogs out there as well!

Check them out online and if you have a big release coming up, definitely consider using their services. Its a great (and simple) way to make a big footprint in the media world without spending too much time and effort.

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