Monday, June 10, 2013

First Listen: The Reneaus “Fool”

Lively. Right out of the gate I get an intial “WOAH!” from the first note in the song. Ashley Winn’s voice has jazzy inflections on the ending words in each phrase, but still maintains a youthful punch to it. The tremolo of the guitar adds a nice touch, with subtle hints of string sections throughout the track spreading a soft yet full, backing to the song. The addition of the nice organ/piano playing really makes me giddy, a line so simple that can add such intensity to a song. There is a real retro and warm feel to the tune. Inferences of the jazz influence (in Winn’s vocal) are present, but there is also a bit of rock n’ roll and country in the guitar playing…however, the arrangement is much more complex than your traditional rock or country song. Overall, it’s an exciting track full of nuances and interesting variations. My first listen of The Reneaus certainly will not be my last listen.

After listening to the track, I read that these guys recorded the album on 2 inch tape at Sidekick Sound Studios in Nashville TN. Now if I didn’t have respect for these guys before reading this (which I did, they have a really cool vintage sound as it is), I certainly do now. Way to keep it analog and real guys, way to do it right! I guess that’s where that “warm” feeling came from.
Check them out online:

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