Thursday, June 6, 2013

Franky Silence and Ghost Orchestra "Fallen" EP Review

The Queens of the Stone Age hit when I was in my late teens/early 20s. I was a mild fan of the guys (and have since came to the realization that Josh Homme is a badass dude and real cool guy –see his episode of No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain). Franky Silence and Ghost Orchestra have a version of “No One Knows” on this EP, but this adaptation of that tune is NOT the Queens version, this is brilliance.

The EP is a little haunting and atmospheric. I love when you can close your eyes and a song really just brings you some place and a whole scene plays out behind your eyelids. The delicate waltz, almost spoken jazz tone to the vocal, and wind instruments are phenomenally fused to create one harmonious sound. Very big stage show, Vaudeville act feel to the music, but still modern at the same time. Sabrina Troxler has a timeless voice of beauty and depth with simple and sexy elegance. And the music behind her is fantastic. It’s very unique and I am not hearing much like this out there these days.
Of the 4 tracks, I am hard pressed to find a favorite. They have a very cohesive sound, but at the same time the soundscape is vibrant and energetic. I will have to go with their version of “No One Knows” because it’s just such a great reworking of a song that is familiar. That banjo line ever so faint in the background, the persistent percussion parts, carefully picked guitar and vocals all swirling together, just perfection. Very few music makes me extremely excited, but this has me out of my head and loving it.
Keep an eye out for these folks, they are a real gem and a prize to find.

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