Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Eva Walsh “Lost in my Mind” (cover) : video review

As if being a singer-songwriter extraordinaire, ukulele aficionado, and fiddlin’ queen was not enough, Miss Eva Walsh has gone and added banjo to the list of instruments she will just pick up rock out on.

A really, really cool concept for shooting a video at home. Play all the parts yourself, tape the whole thing, and parse it together as it makes sense. Eva, hanging out on her comfy couch, strumming her old banjo and singing her heart out on her rendition of Head and the Heart’s “Lost in my Mind” and being backed by a band made up of herself on fiddle, and background vocals.
Girl has got some soul and fire in her voice, we will just ignore the fact that she is an immensely talented violin player for the time being. She is reminiscent of jazz singers of the past but she still has a modern day pop mindset that appeals to a large market of listeners (smart girl). Something I am sure she hears all too often is “you remind me of Ingrid Michaelson”, but then again, that’s really not a bad thing to hear. With a genuine appreciation for all types of music from classical, to soul, to bluegrass it is apparent that her repertoire is all over the map and her talents show no sign of being confined to any one style (classically trained violin player covering indie-folk…there you go). She has taken this song and made it her own.

Thanks for letting us in, Eva! Very cool idea…keep ‘em coming our way. And all your folks should head the general way of Eva’s website, get her last record and check her out live sooner than later…she is one of the few artists I feel confident saying you may get that “damn, I should have saw her when she wasn’t famous” feeling from in a few years.

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