Thursday, June 27, 2013

Emily Mure "Unfettered" (from album Odyssey) First Listen

One part jazzy vocal, one part classical arrangement, one part folk songwriter equate to ALL parts really fantastic music. Emily Mure is a New York based songwriter releasing her sophomore effort “Odyssey” at the end of July. Classically trained musically, but self taught as a songwriter, she is able to appreciate what a lot of musicians are not, and that is a delicate balance (which is strongly displayed in the instrument arrangement and warm, poignant harmonies throughout the record). Emily has something, I am not sure what “it” is, but she has got IT.

The sample track “Unfettered” is my first dive into Emily’s music and I am immediately in love (which is saying a lot because I am very picky about my favorite female musicians). There are just enough moving parts to make the song’s character shine, but it’s not overcrowded. A steady acoustic guitar, a nice flowing rhythm section, and some tasteful, distant guitar lines is all that is really needed to back Mure’s light but soulful airy vocal. And the harmonies lended by songwriter Michaela Anne perfectly complement the chorus with it’s catchy hook and infectious melody.
I meant to say in person, or in a letter / I meant to let you know my hearts for you
Lucky for your Emily will be coming to Boston soon… August 19th at Club Passim w/ Kim Richey (Cambridge, MA).

Check her out online, buy the new record, and support a really great artist.

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