Thursday, June 6, 2013

First Listen: Too Slim and the Taildraggers "Blue Heart"

“Blue Heart” is the title track off of Too Slim and the Taildragger’s new record. Jimmy Hall’s voice and harp blowing is smooth and smoky in the same breathe. The blues is not a style of music, it’s an emotion, and these guys have that sentiment in their back pocket.

The equation in this track is all right, the tremolo guitar, overdriven vocal, and that organ sound through a Leslie-drive rhythm guitar…hell yes, that Leslie sound! I dare you to listen to this and not at the very least snap your fingers along, never mind break into a full blown blues seizure. This is the kind of thing I think of when I think Chicago blues joint. It has a nice amount of grit and dirt on the track, but still maintains that velvety smooth blues feel.
Let’s all nod our heads, sip our 2 fingers of bourbon in the smoky bar of life and tip our hats to this band. Good to see the blues is still alive and well.

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