Tuesday, June 4, 2013

First Listen: Justin Farren "Mostly In My Mind"

Justin Farren is a singer-songwriter from Sacramento, CA and the first victim of my ReviewShine membership as a blog. The single from his record in the queue was the upbeat, folky track “Mostly in my mind”…Boston locals will appreciate the similarities to area favorite Ryan Montbleau.

Damn, the finger style playing on this is…just DAMN. This dude can play. It’s intricate, but lively and robust at the same time. His vocal has a real cheerful tone to it, this is festival dance music. Sunshine and cold beer dancing out on the lawn and just watching this guy have a ball on stage playing for the masses. That’s the vibe I am really getting from this songwriter. If that wasn’t enough, the song kicks in with some real sweet country guitar ripping through after the second verse and the band kicks in strong and clean. Really great feel and mood to the track.
If that isn’t enough Farren also happens to be a witty and sharp songwriter as well. With great phrasing and lyrical content.
and in spite of each revision that you make
the story plays the way the story plays

Be sure to check Justin Farren out online (or if you are on the west coast, get out and see him live. I can only imagine his live shows are quite an experience).

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