Friday, May 31, 2013

Random Cool: New England Americana Festival needs your help

New England Americana is a group of musicians and music lovers who plan and execute the annual New England Americana Festival every year. Three years ago New England Americana brought over 30 acts together for three nights of music in effort to start a conversation about unifying their music community. Launching into their fourth year, the team has vocalized their aspirations to significantly grow the festival and help the spirit of the community become every stronger.
Now something that people may not realize about a grass roots organization like this is that there is no real “income” persay – at least not in the initial years. For the most part, every dime that is raised through fundraising, sponsorship, and merchandise is sunk right back into paying for licenses, paying the bands, projects like the recording, covering rental space/gear/etc. and all the other little things that no one thinks about when they are enjoying a great set from an awesome band at an event. The members of the planning group, often times, dedicate their own time, expertise, sweat, and sadly, sometimes money to the efforts in really lifting an event off of the ground to help a community thrive and bring great music to the public. But with that growth, comes the need for more money to make it happen…
You can help to keep the spirit of this roots music movement alive. Head on over to their pledge page and at the very least, pick up the new recording project that they are currently working on. 10 bucks gets you a collection of traditional songs performed by musicians from the New England Americana family (so far I have seen through Facebook posts that artists included are Tallahassee, Chasing Blue, Adela & Jude, Brian Carroll, Mark Kilianski, David Delaney, Andrew Kramer…though I am sure there’s more behind the scenes as well) in an effort to keep what came before us going strong. As of this morning, they are at about 18%, let’s help get these guys boosted to 25% by the end of the weekend!

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