Monday, July 1, 2013

Meg Olsen 'Deal From the Bottom' EP review

I love when musicians from other states find my little blog here. Meg Olsen is from the LA area, all the way across this fine country of ours and sent me a little something, something to listen to and enjoy. Another thing about Meg that you should all know is that she (like many independent musicians) has launched a kickstarter campaign to help get her next project up and running. You should definitely check it out and give what you can.

Meg’s last EP was titled “Deal from  the Bottom”, a 5 song EP of stories of love (both the good and the bad). She is a gal who has moved around quite a bit and seen a lot along the way as is evident in her writing. There’s some nice hints of country (alluding to Olsen’s TN roots) but there is some haunting depth to the vocals. Somewhat reminiscent of Neko Case, she sings with a clean edge , her voice swimming on the surface of a deep pool of sound. It’s a bit poppy, approachable in that sense for sure, but there is also something cool and untouchable about the delivery of the songs on this short project. Not everyone can do this kind of stuff and Meg does it very well.
The opening track is by far the winner in my book here. With its repeated hook, tremolo guitars, and Olsen’s familiar, yet distinct voice leading the track through its four and a half minute run time. Its a sure "play over and over" kind of a tune.

There is something almost vintage feeling about the music here. It has a timeless quality, but still has modern approaches to laying out the songs. I like Meg Olsen and I think you all will too..which is why I would really love to see her be able to get to her goal on kickstarter. Have a dollar and a second to spare? Then head on over and give the gal a bit of help, you will not regret it!

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