Friday, February 28, 2014

Cover Your Friends Friday: Joe Fletcher edition

Today we have a special Cover Your Friends Friday...two songs featured by the one and only Mr. Joe Fletcher. We missed Joe this past Tuesday at our 1 Year Anniversary show at Lizard Lounge and I was truly bummed. But, as we can all attest, sometimes life gives you a kick in the ass and Joe had some stuff he had to deal with in Nashville. Lucky for everyone up this way in Mass/RI/CT/etc, Joe is back in the game, on the road in a new van, and he will be at the gorgeous Colombus Theatre in Providence TONIGHT with Toy Soldiers and The Lawsuits. Man, thats a line-up!

Ian Fitzgerald covers Joe Fletcher's tune "I Never"

Like a true friend, gentleman, and fellow appreciative songwriter, Ian busted out this tune to pay homage to Joe and add a little Fletcher flavor to the show in light of his absence. He even got the crowd singing along (with a little effort and persuasion). His take on Joe's "I Never" was a good one and he even let me come on up and play a little mandolin on it. Check it out. And thanks Jenn Harrington for the video!

Brian Carroll covers Joe Fletcher's "Too Many Doors"

This is me covering Joe's tune live on Almost Famous on 95.9 WATD about 2 weeks back. Thanks Julie Bowker for the video!

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