Monday, March 3, 2014

Locals Playing Locals Track Listing

I realized there have been a few updates, Facebook posts, photos, two videos rolled out, and a little bit of chatter around the recording project thus far, but no official track listing. It seems about a week from the night I have to go to Club Passim to talk about the project and give a status update seemed about the right time to announce the track choices from our wonderful artists (plus, I am likely going to be reaching out for some help this wanted to plant the bug early). So, in no particular order, the songs, their original artists, and the people on the cover track are below for your enjoyment, scrutiny, or whatever else you wish...

1) "Vampyre" by Will Houlihan (Haunt the House)
covered by Ian Fitzgerald

2) "Yesterday's Weather" by Noam Weinstein
covered by Mark Whitaker w/ Eva Walsh

3) "Secret Sounds" by Allison Francis
covered by Eva Walsh w/ Mark Whitaker

4) "Ben Riley" by James Houlahan
covered by Dan Blakeslee

5) "Helen Rose" by Greg Klyma
covered by Ryan Fitzsimmons, Laurence Scudder & Jim Larkin

6) "Dance at the Plough" by Sean Staples
covered by Chuck Melchin, Michael Spaly, Jef Charland & Jess Fox

7) "City of Refuge" by Tim Gearan
covered by Patrick Coman w/ Andrew Kramer, Brian Carroll & Sam Margolis

8)"Harlem" by Maya de Vitry
covered by Mark Kilianski, Amy Alvey & Lukas Pool

9) "Choir" by Danielle Miraglia
covered by Jenee Halstead w/Danielle Miraglia

10) "Building You An Altar " by Jenee Halstead
covered by Danielle Miraglia w/Jenee Halstead

11) "Nobody Telephone" by the Fantastic Liars
covered by Matt Chieffo w/ Andrew Kramer & Brian Carroll

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