Saturday, February 1, 2014

Covering Your Friends : January Edition

A somewhat weak showing in numbers, but that is more than made up for in awesomness from the two gents who contributed this month. Not only did they take on the challenge of covering their friends, they went and decided to cover each other! Thanks to these two for being awesome and going for it.

Todd Nickerson covering Frank Consiglio "Past Last Call"

I met Todd a few years back through a mutual friend and studio engineer/owner (I think thats how we met, regardless of who, I am sure it was a mutual friend thing). I have even played a few gigs sitting in with him solo and his duo project 6 East. I love Todd because he loves writing songs and making music. That's what is important to me and we share that love. I have had great times listening to and playing with him so its exciting for me to see him jumping into this Covering Your Friends project. He takes on his friend Frank Consiglio's tune "Past Last Call"...

Frank Consiglio covering Todd Nickerson "If you can't life me up"

I love when a submission for this is a song that I know and a song that I have played before (although, I also love being tuned into new stuff). Frank's take on Todd's song "If You Can't Life Me Up" is fairly honorable to the original, but he certainly adds his own flavor. I have heard Frank's name tossed around a few times seeing him play with Todd on posts and such, but haven't yet met him. This was a nice introduction and hope to catch him around soon!

Brian Carroll covering Matt Chieffo (Man Alive!) "Mabel"

This week I took on an old band I played mandolin and guitar in for about a year. I love the songs that Matt writes, I think he is super original, he has interesting chord progressions, and everything he chrns out has this haunting, waltzy vibe that is just super cool to me. This tune was one of my favorites to play on mandolin with the band...though I kind of sucked worse than I do now at playing mando when I was with them. I hope that I did it justice!

Dave Alpert covering Melvern Taylor "Workin Stiff"

A late submission that I loved so much that I had to add it in to the post and re-announce. I have "known" Dave for years without actually really knowing Dave. We have passed each other on our way in or out of Toad, I had seen him play a few times. But I think we were only really actually introduced recently. His take on this tune is great (and unrehearsed, early in the  morning, before even jumping in the shower as he put it!)

Well, thats it for this month...until the end of February, keep on covering your friends!

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