Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Last night...

I need to take a bit to digest our little show at Lizard last night. It was incredible and wonderful and more than I could have ever hoped for and that was not because of me, but because of every single person in that room. The love was bursting through the ceiling of that place and the talent even more so. I just wanted to take a minute and thank a few people specifically before I go an hibernate while I relive this night over and over a few times.

Zach Schmidt, man, we may have just met last evening in person for the first time but right away you felt like an old friend. Your songs are incredible, your command over a group of musicians you haven't even played with before is uncanny. Thank you so much for being a part of this night and adding a little "south of Massachusetts" flavor to the show, Ben Affleck would be proud to host you in this city again. I can't wait to collaborate more in the future.

James Maples, for introducing me to Zach and basically giving me a reason to put on this show by you passing through town. It pushed me to put something together so I could have the two of you guys play a show and I am grateful for that. Your talents extend far beyond just pickin' an acoustic. Your songs and your humor brought a whole bunch more to the show last night. I know we are going to be pals for a long time to come brother.

Eva Walsh, for not only brightening up that dimly lit basement room from the second you stepped into it, but for putting me at ease when you showed up for the sound check. Something about a big ol' Eva smile tells me to calm the heck down and just enjoy the night of music. You were a trooper letting your Guild be tossed around to a few different musicians, your set was awesome, and as always I was in awe of your fiddle playing during our big jam at the end of the night.

Jon Dorn, for being Jon Dorn basically. Being the designated drummer for the night on cajon, playing with Eva, supporting local music not just this night, but every night of the year. For having Brewster Productions come on and sponsor the event, documenting the night for us so we can look back again and again on it. You've been a good friend for a long time man, and I am truly grateful for your friendship.

Dinty Child, I said it last night, but every time I get the honor of sharing the stage with you I have at least 5 moments where I forget what I am doing and just am lost in your playing. You got a groove like no other and love the music and playing it. Your joy and excitement on stage is infectious to the audience and the folks around you and you are one of the most humble cats I know. Lets do this every Tuesday.

Ian Fitzgerald, for being the best goddamn songwriter I know and a hell of a good pal. You humor on stage is unmatched by anyone. Your sublty on stage and in your performance always blows me away and getting to sit in and play with you last night was more than a treat, it was an absolute privilege. Can't wait to perform together more, hit the road, and just enjoy whatever lyric you come up with next.

Andy Cambria for absolutely blowing me away with your picking. I had seen you around town and always heard your name in the flatpicking world but I think last night was the first time we actually met in person. Your playing is incredibly tasteful but you are a virtuoso dude and man, you have a hell of a voice to boot. Something about going back stage to grab an instrument, seeing two musicians sitting there picking a fiddle tune and jumping in for a few measures always gets me. Thanks for being a part of this thing.

Mark Kilianski, you are like a brother my friend. We could not see each other for 10 years being on a deserted island or something and when saw each other again it would be like no time passed. Everytime we play together, I get to watch your perform, or just hang its something I value more than gold. Watching you play may be the most fun I can have out on the town. You are a one of a kind and truly good soul......annnnnnnnd the bluegrass music.

Maggie Mackay, for making the banjo beautiful. Your playing and the chemistry you and Mark had last night was amazing. It added a whole incredibly happy and uplifting vibe to the night. Thank you for forcing Mike Reese along for the ride on bass too! The three of you together is like watching 3 people who have played together for 20 years and have loved every minute. The way you play banjo is simply superb, effortless and graceful.

The Whiskey Boy...dudes, I mean COME ON. The arrangements, the solos, the harmonies, the everything. The past year has seen you guys absolutely grow and bloom into something that in incredibly special. I consider Mark W and Dave D to be among my closest musical pals and am grateful every day I get to hear or play with you both. BUT, getting to sit in and play with Jordan, Mike, and Ben was breathtaking for me. Being a part of all those separate sounds coming together to make one beautiful thing was astonishing...if you ever need a slightly shitty mandolin player when no one else is around, you know who to call boys.

Danielle Miraglia and Jenee Halstead for bringing me to tears in a public setting. "Choir" was absolutely unbelievable. We have just recently become closer pals, but I have always had a huge appreciation for both of your music and your presence around town. You ladies are two of "the good ones" in an industry often wrought with ego and "come watch me play, I'm so good at music" types. Always a moving experience to see you both perform and seeing you together is mind blowing.

Joe Stewart for being the best damn sound engineer in the city. Every time I play a show you are mixing the sound is perfect and there is ALWAYS a kink or 12 thrown your way. Seamlessy going with whatever happens with the best attitude any performer could ask for behind the board. This show wouldn't have been nearly as successful if it was anyone else behind there. Thank you my friend.

Billy Beard for letting me do this at Lizard. I'd like to think I put together one pretty damn good night of music, but you book incredible music at multiple venues 365 days a year. You my friend, are amazing.

All the staff at the Lizard for accommodating our insanely long list of musicians sitting in (some of which I didn't totally realize were playing) and just being overall an awesome group of people. You guys are champs.

Kramer and Sam for sitting in last night and killing it. For being so damn awesome during the recording project that feeds into this. You guys are more a part of this than you know and this is just the beginning.

I am sure I am missing folks, but my mind is in a cloud right thank you guys too.

And most importantly everyone who came out on a Tuesday night to be a part of this night. I know Tuesday can be tough, we have day jobs, we are currently running on 3 hours of sleep, caffeine and happy thoughts but it means the world to see so many faces in that room (new and old to me). Something about shows at the Lizard is that it just feels right. Its like whether you are up playing in the blinding lights, staring at your own face in the mirror in front of the stage or sitting in the crowd you are PART of this show experience. Lizard Lounge and the people at that show last night feel like family.

So thank you...lets do it again something

"Red Line Roots"

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