Wednesday, February 19, 2014

10 Reasons To Come To The 1 Year Anniversary Show

1)      Because the Folk/Roots community does indeed extend far beyond the Northeast. And tonight, Zach Schmidt of Nashville by way of Pennsylvania joins our little show to prove that.
2)      Because playing multiple instruments is amazing…and if you can sing beautifully and write great songs on top of that, it makes you worth seeing. Eva Walsh has that on lock down for us.
3)      Because good songs still matter. Ian Fitzgerald is playing…that’s all you need to know.
4)      Because country influenced music is spelled with an “O” in it. James Maples may not be solely country, but his roots are deep in the good stuff.
5)      Because when two bluegrass powerhouses from great bands in town collide, there is no telling what happens. Hot bluegrass from Maggie Mackay and Mark Kilianski is a good, good thing.
6)      And then when one of them combines with the forces of another one of the town’s best flatpickers…honestly, I am afraid that my brain may melt in my head. Andy Cambria will join Mark Kilianski to pick out a few and blow your mind.
7)      Because we have our own talent reminiscent of Punch Brothers here in town, melding beautiful harmonies, killer licks, thoughtful arrangments and great songs. The Whiskey Boys are a force of nature.
8)      Because to really close out a great night of music you need a rock star pounding the hell out of an acoustic guitar. We got that, and we have got Joe Fletcher doing it for you.
9)      Because you never know who is going to show up and sit in for a few.
10)   And most importantly, because local music matters. Come on down and support it.

I really hope to see you all out at the Lizard Lounge on February 25th!

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