Thursday, February 6, 2014

Locals Playing Locals: Meeting the Players part deux

Well, last weekend we had our first tracking session...I posted about it. You didn't read the recap? What's wrong with you? Go read it! I'll wait....back? Ok, good. We knocked out 6 artists in one day and now to complete the tracking, we will continue and knock out another 4 acts on February 23 (followed of course by mixing and mastering). Here are the folks that will complete our first volume of Locals Playing Locals / Songs we wish that we wrote...

Jenee Halstead and Danielle Miraglia - When I think of songwriters in town who blow me away with their performances, these two ladies come to mind immediately. Both of them have their own sort of flavor that just ignites on stage when they are singing their songs. In a never-ending realm of cute girls playing guitars (that may not be all that talented), both Jenee and Danielle shatter any and all stereotypes by standing on their own merits as songwriters, musicians, and performers. I mean, seriously, both of these gals f'ing rock, write great songs focused on the craft, and when you see them perform you are just blown away...and thats when they play solo. Having these two performing as a duo is going to blow the roof off of the studio. I honestly don't remember the first time I met these gals, but I am damn happy I call them friends and colleagues!, they are funny and fun as all hell!

Patrick Coman - I like to pride myself on being a support system for my independent musician friends and when it comes to others who share that sentiment in town, its hard to think of anyone who can compare to Mr. Coman. A series focused on local musicians paying homage to their heroes - check, he has one of those. A radio show on an extremely reputable station here in town that focuses solely on local music - check, he has one of those too. I think we met one night sharing a bill at a local dive we both used to play (but I had a few that night, and the first more memorable meeting was when he let me partake in a For the Sake of the Song show for John Prine). Ever since Patrick moved to town he has focused on lifting his friends and cohorts up and I think that is one of the best reasons to include someone on this the dude writes great songs and plays a killer guitar. Sold! (plus he was the one act who asked me to play mandolin on his song...dude, I love you)

Matt Chieffo - A while back I played mandolin and lead guitar in a band. I honestly loved that band, but like all good things, sometimes we have to part ways. The man behind those awesome, spooky, haunting songs was Matt and his songwriting style still is unlike any other I have come across. He crafts these creepy, stirring songs that someone also make you want to dance your ass off. Some of the best shows I have ever had on stage were with Matt and I still love putting on old recordings of 'Mabel' or 'Andy' and rocking out. We don't see each other much these days, but I still consider Matt a dear friend and someone who I respect a lot as a musician. I am really, extremely grateful that he is on board with this project.

Mark Kilianski and friends - I love the bluegrass music...I could end there, but my love for it and Marks playing goes far deeper. Over the past few years Mark has become like a musical brother to me. I absolutely love making music with this guy (and its a damn shame we don't do so more often). He has introduced me to the playing of many new folks, and I am constantly in awe of whoever he plays with. While his guitar playing is incredible, it was his debut solo release this year that really blew me away. Heartfelt songs penned by a man who was traveling around and drinking in life when he wrote them. I am sure whoever comes along for the ride with him with blown my mind again.

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