Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Brooklyn's "Swords and Lies" Album Review

Tom and Mo Leger, the fronting team of the Brooklyns, are some of the sweetest rockers you will ever meet.  They intermingle a traditional songwriting style with hints of country, a bit of blues and a heaping load of rock n’ roll to form a sound that really is all their own. The band has sharpened its skills playing all over the fine city of Boston throughout the past couple of years and truly established themselves as a fun, dance your ass, slam a couple brews back until you can’t take no more act…even venturing off into some side projects, some really “rod-ical” side projects.

The record launches into its title track right off the bat, with an acoustic guitar and nice country guitar jangle. Mo’s vocal is somewhat reminiscent of Linda Perry on this particular track. She has a certain comforting warmth to her voice, but at the same time has a nice edge to her, a bad ass folk songstress indeed. There is a nice mix of tunes lead by Mo and then shared responsibilites with guitar player, Tom Leger. In some cases this can create a strange divide in a project, but it works rather well in the case of "S&L". Another stand out track is “Stay Alive”. It’s had a bit of a grungy, urban feel where the verses are a bit held back and then the chorus hits hard and to the heart before launching into a great distorted guitar solo. The blues and classic rock influences are also hard to ignore and “War” is a perfect example with its driving tones, fall out during certain vocalizations and a great sing-along chorus.
When it comes down to it, these guys know what they want and how to deliver it. They are cool and confident and it shows in this album.
One thing that runs true throughout the record is the Brooklyn’s ability to write great hooks, catchy rhythms, and songs that would do great on your local radio, live in your favorite bar, or to a sold out crowd at an outdoor concert. It’s fun, its cohesive, and a great listen.
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