Monday, May 20, 2013

'Miles Away Monday': Ex-Cowboy "Old Man" listen

As a new week is upon us, I diverge a bit on my “keep it local” theme for Red Line Roots. I was recently sent some music all the way from Tuscon, Arizona and felt the urge to give a listen and toss a few thoughts down. I may or may not keep with this, but for now, here’s “Miles Away Monday”…
I was sent some music from Ex-Cowboy of Tuscon, Arizona and had to give it a listen. The track I chose randomly from the bunch was “Old Man”.

(kick ass cover art too)
Immediately I am immersed into some really interesting textural music…some kind of Middle Eastern bazaar meets bat-mitzvah meets waltz or something along those lines. It takes a clever individual and a keen ear to mix various sounds as Ex-Cowboy does, and they do it rather well on this track. The song is very hypnotic and mesmerizing in its own way. Original to say the least and I really don’t think I have heard much like this in the genre.
I am getting definite small hints of Radiohead in the vocals and way the music is inflected alongside it. But it took a while for me to pinpoint it, so kudos for creating some real unique and creative music here. There are also some really beautiful female harmonies in the mix as well. Regretfully, the vocal doesn’t cut through as much as I would like in the mix (not a music issue, but a technical issue I suppose). As a songwriter, I actively seek out great songwriting and the lyrics are lost on me because of the mix. Which is a shame, because based on the dark folk feel, I am sure the writing is great as well. This is definitely something I would listen to at work, it has a bit of a soothing aspect to it that kind of puts me in a “let’s just zone out and get this done” mode.
Is it super “exciting” music? Not particularly, but I am certainly intrigued to check out some more of these folks. I do like it and think I will like it more as I listen even more. In the end, I think that’s what you aim for being a musician, capture peoples interest and get them wanting to see what else you have up your sleeve. I think I will do just that and you should do the same.
Check out Ex-Cowboy on soundcloud and bandcamp

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