Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Random Cool: Idlewild Creations – The Old Guitar video series

Random Cool: Idlewild Creations – The Old Guitar video series
Professional quality video and sound, top notch singer-songwriters, shitty beat up acoustic guitar…the perfect combination? I do believe it is so. I came across the series while perusing youtube after reviewing Ian Fitzgerald’s lastest record a couple weeks back and have become completely fascinated with this idea and why someone hasn’t thought of this already.

Sure there are “offstage” show video blogs that are great, but really leveling the playing field with every artist they shoot playing the same instrument. Something so simple, but yet so intriguing can really make an incredible series and it really does. They have a pretty good assortment of artists represented so far as well. Ranging from the folk side of the spectrum to more punk-ish kind of vibes (playing a beat up acoustic guitar, of course).
The duo of Visual artist Corey Pane and film-maker Connor Millican have really done something pretty damn cool with this. Keep an eye out for them and their work in the future. I really think they have something here.
Check them out and some folks playing the old guitar at

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