Monday, April 22, 2013

Boston Music Community...

Hey all,
The past week has been crazy, the week before that work has been a pain. But the past week, just no words can really describe the climate in Boston. Last Monday’s (and the subsequent days) events still hang heavy in the air, and while there is some relief in the capture of the suspect of the bombings, I still do not feel at ease. I don’t suppose I really will be able to ride the T, check out a show at a big venue, or feel completely safe while out in public with something hitting so close to home. The events have forever cemented a feeling of unrest and perhaps distrust of humanity, and that saddens me. We have seen the worst and the best of the people in our fair city, but life will go on as it must. I don’t have any ground breaking words of wisdom or advice on how to cope, just am thankful for all of you out there.

(image above by local artist and musician Dan Blakeslee)
On a lighter note, I have seen the music scene rise up in a way that I never could imagine. Music samplers, benefit shows, people just lending each other a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen. I am so proud to be a part of this town and its music community.
Things will pick up again strong on the blog this week with new reviews and features. I just wanted to reach out and say much love to you all and I hope everyone is safe and feeling ok this week.
Keep on keeping on,

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