Monday, December 2, 2013

Show (s) you need to know....Session Americana at Lizard Lounge

Hey friends, so I like to clue you into something that I feel is important to catch every so often. This week, and really for the next 3 weeks, that happens to be the return of Session Americana to that speakeasy vibed, red hued, cool carpeted basement venue that we all know and love, the Lizard Lounge.

For those that have seen Session at the Lizard, I don't need to tell you why you should go to these shows, but for those who have never seen these guys and their incredibly amazing table shows, I have the Red Line's Top 5 Reasons you need to get out to a Session Americana gig at the Lizard Lounge:

1) You are essentially "part of" the show - partly due to the fact that the crowd surrounds the stage at the Lizard, partly because Session is a bunch of dudes huddled around a table similar to the one you are sitting at (you know, only better equipped with nice condenser mics) and partly because at any moment they could pull a musician buddy up from the crowd to sit in for a few. There are very few other shows to go out and see where it feels much more like an amazingly talented group of guys playing in your living room rather than at a music club.

2) The guests As mentioned above, Session Americana is made up of some of the very best musicians in town, all playing traditional songs, their own songs, each others songs, other local musicians songs..etc, etc, etc. BUT they also (more frequently than not) have a multitude of special guests sitting in with them on any given night. Sometimes planned, sometimes sporadically plucked from whoever is in attendance that evening. Its always a pleasure to watch the improvisational aspect of these shows unfold.

3) Go to multiple nights, you won't get the same show - maybe because of the changing of guests, maybe because the guys get bored playing the same tunes. You can go see these guys 4 weeks in a row and potentially not hear the same song twice. Their catalogue is huge and HUGELY entertaining.

4) I am pretty sure the Lizard Lounge was built for these guys to play in it - the vibe, the set up...and the fact that the place has a vast selection of beers on tap and whiskey in bottles make it a perfect pairing. Like foie gras and a fine wine...or peanut butter and jelly. These two things were made for each other.

5) You are going to enjoy yourself and support the local scene - Local musicians + local club + you being there = win for everyone. Oh yeah, and I have never heard anyone say "man, I was falling asleep at that Session Americana gig the other night". Its always "the guys KILLED it again, lets go next Tuesday too!"

So, see you at Lizard on Tuesdays this month?

Session Americana at Lizard Lounge, Tuesday December 3rd, 10th, and 17th. Doors are at 8:30, but be sure to check the below link ahead of time for tickets. They usually sell out the first set, but FRET NOT! You can grab a beer and a bite upstairs at Cambridge Common and the show usually filters out a few heads for the late set.

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