Tuesday, December 17, 2013

First Listen: Jesse Hanson “Everything in Between”

I have to apologize to Ms. Hanson as I am just getting around to listening to her song "Everything in Between' and kicking my own ass for not listening sooner.

Hanson’s voice has a certain rare quality to it that is hard to attain and come by. A certain buried innocence mixed with a jazzy maturity that most singers only learn through playing smoky dives for years on end. It is a very nice fusion of the two qualities that creates a really excellent vocal.

I dig the construction of the track. Starting out simple with a voice and acoustic guitar, and slow building pieces on as the melody progresses until its full tilt with drums, guitars, violins and the whole shebang. Although it is a full sounding track, it still has a mid tempo and relaxed feel to the song. The sonic quality certainly has a commercial appeal in its arrangement, something you could hear on local college radio or on some CW show…which is a good thing. It shows range and depth of songwriting skill and I credit Jesse for that.

 All in all, I dig this track. A bit less “roots” that I normally hit on here on the blog, but I think we could all use some pop influence every so often. Shine a bit of light heartedness on our usual sorrowful plucked instruments, right? I think this gal has a lot going on for herself. A truly wonderful voice and talented songwriter, plus she plays a handful of instruments which is always a plus in my book.

Check out Jesse Hanson online at: http://jessehanson.me/
And listen to her songs on bandcamp at: http://jessehanson.bandcamp.com/

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