Thursday, December 19, 2013

Throwback Thursday/Guest Blogger: Kier Byrnes review of Jimmy Ryan's 'Readville' and 'Mandolin'

The second installment of guest-blogger Mr. Kier Byrnes. It seems as though Kier and I have very similiar tastes in music as this review is one of good friend and fellow mando maestro Jimmy Ryan’s latest Readville. To top it all off…it’s a double, two for one, feature today! Read on!

JIMMY RYAN – Readville

In his 30+ years of playing music, we have come to expect great things from this left hand mandolin
genius.  On his 5th solo release, Jimmy Ryan does not disappoint once again. Aided by Ed Reimer and Dave Westner, Jimmy takes the listener through expertly crafted songs, laden with mandolin hooks and clever lyrical twists. Most people associate mandolin with folk and bluegrass; on Readville, Jimmy proves that it can be quite an instrument to rock out on as well. The biggest surprise on the album was Jimmy’s fiddle playing. Everyone knows that he’s a talented mandolinist, but turns out he’s pretty sharp on the fiddle as well. There are 8 solid tracks on this record, a terrific listen from start to finish. This is a must have for collectors of fine music who enjoy just the right amount of eclecticism.

Never enough mando? Kier has provided ANOTHER review of ANOTHER one of Jimmy’s previous records aptly titled “Mandolin”

JIMMY RYAN – Mandolin

This EP is about as bare bones as you can get. One man, one mandolin. Sure there is some over dub style layering here and there but overall its complete minimalism. Jimmy Ryan, one of the best mandolin players in the country, call Boston his home and is a regular in the Cambridge folk and Americana scene. As one of the top session players in town as well, Jimmy is often sitting in with other bands, however here he is alone and the sound is sparse, but quiet beautiful.  His interpretation of the Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil” is alone worth the listen, but there are 6 other tunes on here equally praise worthy.

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