Monday, August 19, 2013

W.B. Givens "3 Songs" review

Hellooooooooo honky tonk time. W.B Givens collection of 3 songs recently sent my way immediately bring me back to Robert’s Western World in Nashville…and that’s a good thing. These few songs have a great balance of twang without being over the top or inauthentic. There is far too much “hey there cowgirl” crap out there pretending to be honky tonk country, and Givens gives me hope that there are more folks like him who will give it a good name.

“Broken Angel” takes all the pieces of a great country tune, little piano in the back, chicken pickin’, and a shot of raucous bar room rambling. Gets my blood going and I am happy to listen along. The second track kicks off with the acoustic instruments leading the charge, guitar, and a nice mandolin strum. It’s a prettier tune, a nice build up into the full chorus and refrain. W.B.s voice trolls you along for the song There are some nice vocal harmonies and the persistent mandolin picking along (and you know I love me some mandolin). 

When I said I am taken back to Nashville, I was being straight out. The good memories I had from my visit and I am very thankful for that. This is the kind of music you want to hear when you stumble upon a hidden jewel where they won’t be playing Taylor Swift or Kenny Chesney (thank fucking God…sorry, just had to let that out). This is a great mix of country that you want to hear, and rock that you want to feel deep in your body cavity. I hope to see and hear a lot more from Given's, I think he has a great thing going and knows his strengths as an artist. Something that most musicians struggle with for years and years.

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Oh yeah...and check this great video out while you are at it! 

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