Thursday, August 22, 2013

In case you didn't know...Passim's campfire festival is next weekend

Every year something magical happens…and no it’s not Santa sliding down your chimney, or werewolves coming out for the full moon. It is the campfire festival at Passim, and this year’s lineup of straight band sets, in the round songwriter circles, and a guaranteed improvisational, collaborative showcase throughout the weekend will ensue on labor day weekend this year.

I, for one, am really excited for the line-up this year…not just because I am a part of it…but also because it is a mix of folks I have played with many times over the years, just met recently, people I have seen come through town once or twice, and those I haven’t even heard yet. Aside from this whole blog thing, I think this is one of the most perfect environments to find new music you didn’t even know you loved yet. 

Campfire is intimate and all about the music. Passim has a reputation as one of the best listening rooms in the country, nevermind the city of Boston (Cambridge). The folks who come to these shows are there for the music, and to have an experience with people who love to make music. That is truly something special that not many places or events can hold a candle to.

The festivities start on Saturday August 31 at noon and end on Monday evening with a fantastic round table set at 9:15 PM.

Get some more information at Passim’s website here:

Hope to see you all out at the festival!

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