Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Show you need to know about: Jimmy Ryan and Hayride @ Passim

Every so often a show comes around that I think everyone and their mother should attend. One week from today, one of those shows just so happens to be taking place on Palmer Street.

Jimmy Ryan is unlike any mandolin player this area has seen. A virtuoso of his instrument, and a south paw...two rarities. Couple that with a backing band (Duke Levine, Billy Beard, and Dave Westner!) that any respected studio musician would KILL for and you have one hell of a throwdown. I reviewed Jimmy's new 2013 release "Readville" back in March, check what I had to say about it here: Jimmy Ryan "Readville" review

Get to Club Passim next Tuesday, August 20th at 8 PM for Jimmy Ryan and Hayride as they get you moving and shaking like no other and swing you soft and low...right until they get you moving and shaking again. A whirlwind of a night will be in store!

For more information, Jimmy's website is: http://www.jrmando.com/

For tickets and info on the show, Passim's website is: http://www.clubpassim.org/

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