Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Show Choice for the week 8/12-8/16: Tommy Doyle's Table Session

So, I posted earlier about a show you should know about for next week…but I also have a choice for this week as well. I think going forward, on Mondays I will have a “show you need to know about for the week”. Or at least attempt to do so. Anyway, I have noticed a resurgence of “table sessions” in recent time. More so in the last year, than any previous year’s of my playing ‘professionally’ in the region (‘professionally’, meaning recording albums and getting paid for shows…though it’s a relative term I suppose since I am not solely reliant on the music industry  for income…but that’s another discussion we can have later).

I think the roots scene owes a debt of gratitude to the fine fellas in Session Americana for this. These guys have been doing this for a number of years now, but its finally catching on in other circles as well. Wait, what, sit around a table with instruments, with your good friends, drinking beer and sharing stories? Welp, count in every musician I choose to associate with, right? But I digress…this week’s choice for the show I will be attending (for whatever reason that you, the reader, may or may not have information about me in regards to my attendance – is that a fluid, sensible thought? Well you get it) is the Tommy Doyle’s (Harvard Square) table session. 

David Gallagher (http://www.davidgallaghermusic.com/) hosts this Table Session every week with a slew of great musicians. Two are usually slotted, and others have been known to show up and sit in. This week the session is being handled without the usual dedicated host and the table will serve host to Mark Whitaker (of his own damn band and The Whiskey Boys) on banjo, Noel Coakley (of Old Jack) on banjo and guitar, David Delaney (of the Whiskey Boys) on the fiddle, and Brian Carroll (of Brian Carroll...and other people who let him sit in with them) on mandolin and guitar. All these crazy cats will be singing and playing for your pleasure. So make sure you head on out for this one…its sure to be a doozy!

See you there. Music starts at 6 and is supposed to end at 8…but knowing the table, may go later if its allowed!

Make sure you check it out weekly too, as Dave G has done a fantastic job creating a really awesome thing in Harvard Square with this.

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