Friday, March 7, 2014

Locals Covering Locals recording project: We Need Your Help

Support and encouragement are things that run deep within the music community. I think one of the best examples of this has been the Club Passim Iguana Grant and how they have contributed so much, not just to our project at RLR, but to an immeasurable number of musicians and music fans through their contributions from the grant.

We have made enormous headway on our project. 11 tracks, featuring a total of 20 different musicians/songwriters from our community have been recorded and are almost completely mixed. Now, if this was the end of the road we would be golden, but we want to do this thing right. Not just for the folks involved but the people who will be on the receiving end when we launch the project. What does that entail, you might ask?

Well, all 11 tracks still need to be mastered. That means they need to all be leveled a bit, a final polish and volume control so the entire work sounds like it belongs together. We have a great engineer on board for this part of the process already, we just need to pay the man.

I am a purist for having something material that you can unwrap, put in your CD player, read the liner notes of and just have that "this is my copy of this album" feeling about. We want to get this CD pressed and hand out copies to all the folks who attend the release show for no cost. Also, it will be distributed to radio and for the artists involved in the project. Another check on the "costs money" list.

Passim and the Iguana Fund have contributed so much to get us to this point and I cannot begin to thank them enough for letting me see this through, but in the end we need to finish this thing right and do the project justice. Now, while we do not need to raise an exorbitant amount of money for this, we do still need a little help. Any funds up to the costs that we need to cover will go directly to this project (volume 1 that is). Anything we are able to raise on top of that...well, there will be a volume 2 if we are able to raise additional funds. More amazing local musicians covering their favorite artists and the studio is still warm from these last sessions, so if we can fund it, we are ready to roll!

What you get (aside from knowing you are a part of something incredible?). Every 2 dollar donation contributed with get you a track from one of the artists on the project. Every 5 dollars will get you 4 tracks, and every 10 dollars will get you 7 tracks from artists on the project. And for 15 dollars or more you get 7 tracks plus my own personal new release "Miscellaneous". (special higher donations can be discussed if there is something else I can do for you musically - name in liner notes, special thank you, etc.)

The link to help is below...and every dollar truly does help the cause.

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