Thursday, March 6, 2014

If you go to ONE show this weekend...

I am a bit supporter of musicians pooling resources for the great good of one another and the community. When one of us stumbles, it seems like a hundred artists line up to lend a hand and lift you back up. Music is a language of the people, something universal and beautiful and it will speak out to help a friend in need this weekend at Johnny Ds in Somerville.

Working my day job in cancer research, when someone is diagnosed it is something that hits me particularly hard. Its such an ugly disease that I am all too close too. If you can get out to one show this weekend, this is the one you want to be at.

Some of my favorite local people including The Swinging Steaks boys, Jimmy Ryan, Billy Beard, Steve Mayone, Christian McNeill and Session Americana's Jim Fitting will be rounding out a really wonderful bill.

Direct from the press release for more information:

SOMERVILLE, MA – Many of Boston’s premier musicians will gather for a special evening of
performances on Sunday, March 9, at Johnny D’s to help raise funds for ailing Nashville radio
host/musician/concert promoter Billy Block in his fight against cancer. Block, who was
diagnosed last month with stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma, has been undergoing treatment for the
disease, and all the proceeds from the show will go to The Billy Block Family Fund at Wells
Fargo Bank. Showtime is 8:00 PM and tickets for the March 9 benefit are priced at $15.00.
People can also support the cause by going to any Wells Fargo Bank and making a donation to
The Billy Block Family Fund. !

Headlining the March 9 event is Lori McKenna, with additional performances scheduled by
Michael Dinallo, Billy Beard, Amy Black, Juliet and the Lonesome Romeos, Jimmy Ryan, Jim
Fitting, The Swinging Steaks (Jim Gambino, Paul Kochanski, Jamie Walker), Susan Cattaneo,
Kevin Connolly, Alastair Moock, Stu Kimball, Amber Casares, Alley Stoetzel, Christian McNeill
and Chris Cote. The house band that night will also include Steve Sadler (lap steel), Jim Scoppa
(guitar), Steve Mayone (guitar/mandolin), Jim Haggerty (bass), and Andy Plaisted (drums). !

For over 17 years, “The Billy Block Show” has been a mainstay of Nashville radio and
television, and his tireless support of up-and-coming musicians in country, Americana, rock and
roots music through his weekly concerts held at some of the city’s best-known clubs has
especially endeared him to the Americana music movement. For more information on Billy
Block, or to listen to his radio show, visit

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