Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Show You Should Know: “Not really sure what to call the band” at Toad w/ Ward Hayden, Dave Deluca, Paul Dilley, and Mike Piehl

“Americana” didn’t really exist as it does now around 6 years ago. Now it seems every act around town with some sad songs and a banjo can be Americana. Whether or not that’s a good thing is entirely up to you, but I personally feel that it provides as safe haven, an umbrella if you will for musicians to gather under and really create a community with artists that may differ slightly sonically, but hold the same ideals.

One person I truly credit for fostering that movement in the beginning is Ward Hayden of Girls, Guns and Glory. Ward is a wealth of knowledge of class country and roots music, a true purveyor and love of the music of yester-year…not to mention a hell of a song writer and holy hell, what a killer crooner this guy is. GGG paved the way for a lot of folks who were a bit too country for rock, but too rock for country. And for that I thank you.

Dave Deluca heads up the band Highway Ghosts, but that is just the tip of the iceberg for his involvement in the local scene. Helping out with the New England Americana Festival, co-hosting a local series called “Roots in the Round” with a certain other musician, and being seen out at all the clubs in town, catching great bands and mingling on (what seems like) every single night of the week. This guy truly loves being a part of this local music scene and rocking with whoever is around when there is a guitar in the room.

Rounded out with the always on point and tasteful bass stylings of Paul Dilley (also of Girls, Guns and Glory; Bluegrass the Band; and more) and the expert drumming of Mike Piehl will make TONIGHT’s show at Toad in Porter Square a hell of a time.

I am sure there will be some Girls Guns and Glory tunes, a few Highway Ghosts jams, and certainly some great classic covers put forth from these guys…I am putting bets that Deluca plays “I’ve Just Seen a Face” and if they don’t play “White Freight Liner” you may have a couple disappointed fans ( see this video from last Thursday at Lizard Lounge ).

That show is tonight at Toad in Porter Square, 1912 Mass Ave. Cambridge, MA. Never a cover, always good music.

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