Tuesday, October 15, 2013

First Listen: Clara Berry & Wooldog "Air Traffic"

Haunting, spooky, chilling…words that describe music I gravitate towards and thoroughly enjoy. Also words I would use to describe the track “Air Traffic” from Clara Berry & Wooldog. This shit is just plain evocative, poignant and lingers with you for a while after you give a listen. Both of which constitute “A+” song material in my book.

The song eases in with a diffident piano line, followed with single, deep guitar notes and Clara’s jazzy, confident and calm vocal. Then the hesitance trickles out and the song is in full swing. Her voice is somewhat evocative of singer Kat Edmonson, but seems to pour out with effortless grace. Just before the one minute mark, rumblings roll in and the usage of “oooo’s” is just seamless. For something so simple, and wildly used, to be executed perfectly is a real nice touch to this track.

"Air Traffic" has a bit of a nice dark, depth to it as well. The song itself is very warm, but hollow and cavernous. It just feels very spacious to me in a really good way.  I just totally dig when a song can take me to into a certain feeling or space. There are a number of great layers here, but not obviously in the respect that they don’t fit and were put merely for the purpose of having sonic spacing. 

“Air traffic control, if you were in my place
If you could feel my wings, you too would fall from grace”

I cannot wait to dig a bit deeper into this music. It has me a real good place right now and for that I am grateful. Be sure to go and check out this entire record, named "The Magician's Wife" on the bandcamp page. It just came out today and I am sure will make some waves in the upcoming weeks.

And just plain old online at:


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