Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Show you should know!: Harmony for Humanity at Lizard Lounge

There is a really great show coming up this Thursday night at the Lizard Lounge...not only is it a great line up of some really talented artists, but its also for a great initiative to bring music and remembrance to Daniel Pearl.

Dino Cattaneo is the man behind the scenes, bringing this all together and he was nice enough to clue us in on the event, who is playing, and why its so important to embrace this great ideal.

1) First of all, who are you and what is your involvement in the local music scene to begin with?

DC: I am a fully naturalized greater Boston resident (I moved here in 1994). By day I am a digital marketer, whatever that means.I grew up playing in bands in Italy and always had a passion for music. I do play guitar and bass - mostly with friends amd at local blues jams. I occasionally sit in with Tony Savarino and the Savtones. I started getting involved with the local and national music scenes when I started managing Susan Cattaneo, a local singer/songwriter and songwriting professor at Berklee. I have also been part of the New England Americana Festival organizing committee, primarily helping with Sponsorships. 

2) How did you first get involved with the Daniel Pearl Music Days? Does the series hold a special place in your heart?

DC: As you know, Daniel Pearl was an American journalist who was kidnapped and killed in Pakistan in 2002. The week that he was kidnapped, a good friend of mine who also worked at the Wall Street Journal was visiting with us, so we followed the events very closely. My daughter had just been born, and when I found out that his wife was pregnant, it really struck a chord with me. Being a recent father, the idea that this man would never meet his child was incredibly sad to me. When I found out about Daniel Pearl Music Days, it was very natural to participate. In addition to the personal connection, this initiative stands for two ideas that are really important to me. The first one is the idea that a free press is crucial to the existence of a democratic society and that we need to protect journalists. The second is the idea that the arts, and music in particular, can foster dialogue, communication and ultimately tolerance among people of different backgrounds and beliefs. I started out dedicating one set to him when I went to the Johnny D's Blues Jam in October probably in 2007. I always had a dream of creating a very collaborative show, with a house band and some of my favorite singers rotating through. Last year, Billy Beard was kind enough to let me do the first show at the Lizard Lounge, and this year we are bringing it back. And after I emailed the Daniel Pearl Foundation, we are lucky enough that we are one of the five events highlighted across the globe (it's us and Herbie Hancock in the US...)

3) Why October 10th?

DC: October 10 is Daniel Pearl's birthday, he would turn 50 this year. It also happens to be my birthday, which is one more reason why I felt very emotional connected to him.

4) So, who is playing the event this year? Any exciting collaborations we should look forward to?

DC: The house band for the second year in a row is Tony Savarino and The Savtones. We have a great lineup of local singers, mostly from the New England Americana family: Brian Carroll, Susan Cattaneo, Noel Coakley, David DeLuca from Highway Ghost, Scarlet Keys, Jenee Halstead, Danielle Miraglia, Sam Margolis. Plus Beggar's Ride, a great duo from Baltimore, who is touring around here this week will stop by. We also have a very special guest: Mia Dyson is starting her East Coast tour by playing a guest set at the show.

5) Do you have any special and favorite moments from last year that you hope to re-live or even over shoot?

DC: What made last year special was that there was a looseness to the show, where people were just enjoying the process of making music with people they had never played with. When you have that energy on stage the audience can feel it. And of course the late late part of the show is where it really comes through. At the end of the shows there were a number of songs that were not even planned, with people calling them and the band just jumping in. I am hoping to recreate the same spontaneity, create an environment where the musicians are really having fun and the audience gets a glimpse of why we play music.

6) Lastly, plug the show and let us know why we should be going to it!

DC: Hopefully reading the answers to the questions before made you want to go, but here is one more reason: where else are you going to hear covers of The Band, Gram Pasrons, Dolly Parton, RIchard Hell and Thin Lizzy on the same night?

Get your tickets online at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/475217 

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