Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Letter to my Folk Friends

Dear Folk Friends,

Another year has passed, and my own personal Christmas weekend is now again upon us. That’s right, Newport Folk Festival weekend is like Christmas to me. I am a lover of music, of great songwriters, and just great vibes that surround Fort Adams State Park each and every year. To me, Newport is seeing old bands that I love, and seeing bands that I never knew I loved. 

Truly what blows me away every year are the new acts I am just hearing about. The ones that I just cannot help being overwhelmed by during their performances. Last year, it was Spirit Family Reunion. A band who I knew members of from their previous projects, but not in their current form. They absolutely blew me away. It was emotional, beautiful and absolutely kick ass. I can’t wait to see who takes that award this year.

As a musician the thing that excites me most is playing with people, improvisation and collaboration. Seeing musicians play off of each other’s energy on stage and being able to read each other is one of the best things you can witness or be a part of. The surprise “slip on stage” and sing or play on a song is inevitable and always excellent.

I am not sure about all of you, but I cannot wait for Friday to get here…


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