Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vendor at NFF: Go Veggie!

Newport Folk Festival is well known for its music, but that isn’t actually the entire story about this wonderful tradition. The community, local and organic growth, and just folks being good to one another has been a thread in the tradition of this event year after year. One of the companies adding to that goodness is GO Veggie ( 

Not only will these fine folks be handing out delicious, healthy snacks for you all, but they are giving out prizes as well…one of those just so happens to be a brand spanking new Deering banjo. They are calling this the “Pick a Winner” giveaway. On Saturday and Sunday, you can stop by the Go Veggie tent near the main stage a select a guitar pick out of a bowl and claim your prize – every pick is a winner, while supplies last. So be sure to get over there early and get your chance to win some great stuff! Plus, the branded guitar pick is all yours to keep, and I run through picks like I am sure I will be running through their yummy dairy free products! That's right, delicious samples of some of their great products.

Check out the snacking schedule:

Saturday, July 27 and Sunday, July 28

11am – 7pm

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches featuring GO Veggie! Lactose Free Slices in Cheddar and Pepper Jack or Dairy Free, Vegan Shreds in Mozzarella and Mexican on Eva Ruth’s Gluten Free Sandwich Bread

GO Veggie! Dairy Free, Vegan Cream Cheese in Classic Plain and Chive & Garlic served with Late July Organic Sea Salt by the Seashore Multigrain Snack Chips

This sounds pretty incredible…you may catch me by this tent for the duration! See you there!

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