Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"THE BIG REDs" Red Line Root local music blog awards 2013!

The weathers getting colder, we had our first sign of snow today here in Boston, and your social network newsfeeds are getting flooded with rants of "vote for my band" and "this awards show thing is total rigged bull sh*t". Yup, its November and that means the season of local awards shows is beginning here in Beantown.

While I do have to agree with many of the rants, there isn't such a focus on "local", the same bands are nominated year after year regardless of relevance, and so on and so on...I do feel that there is some importance to these awards shenanigans. They do actually shed light on some of the bands busting their asses all year round, and usually its a pretty big damn party with a lot of folks you may not typically run into otherwise.

I first set out on this blog adventure to do just that, shed light on those folks that you may not have heard of, but are out there busting their tails to just get their music out there. Sure, I don't typically encompass ALL music genres, but theres a lot to cover in the folk, roots, Americana realm. Thats for certain. But to do this fairly and properly, I do need some help in nominating (and of course the voting process). Below are listed the categories for which you can nominate folks with a brief description of each. I have some people in mind already, but I want your feedback and input as well. Whether or not an event or party will take place is TBD, but we will tackle that beast when it happens. For now lets get some nominees rounded up!

Best Local Female Songwriter - this is straightforward, right? Has to be female - check. Has to write good songs - check. Also being talented, playing instruments well, and sounding great are a plus - check.

Best Local Male Songwriter - see above...except you know, be a dude.

Most Bad Ass Local Rock n' Rollers - The band that kicks it up a notch with every performance. Has a basis in the Americana genre, but with that extra bite of bluesy rock goodness or rock a billy kick.

Best Local Picker - Now this could be the best local bluegrass acoustic picker, the best local mandolin player, or banjo toter that is just flat out amazing.
 UPDATE: branching best local picker out into separate pools for guitar picker, banjo picker, and mandolin picker.

Too much (or just enough) Twang award - The local electric player that just sets the frets aflame and is tasteful, but puts a crowd in awe each time they play. Can play with anybody, anywhere, anytime and make it sound sweet!

Best Local Roots/Americana Act - This differs from the Bad Ass Rock n' Rollers in that I consider this one to be more based in the bluegrass, folk, acoustic realm. A four piece bluegrass outfit, an acoustic act with light drums, a trio with all strings? That kind of thing. The softer side of the genre, if you will.

Best Local Roots Duo - Two guitars, a guitar and a mandolin, a banjo and an upright...keep on adding and subtracting, so long as you get two folks with two instruments and their voices (or no voices, that works too).

Best Local Music Venue for Roots music- what place, night after night, showcases the best in the genre?

The Unsung Hero Award- the master purveyor of the community. The one who is out supporting their colleagues and friends every week, hosting local showcases, and helping to teach younger musicians the ropes. You get it.

ADDITION - Best Local Fiddle/Violin family player - lets face it, we have entirely too many talented fiddle players in this town, they need some love too!

-Local to the North East (Mass, VT, NH, Maine, RI...and I guess we can consider CT and NY too)
-Someone/a band who is out there "doing it". That is, playing more than a gig every couple of weeks.
-Give me some damn suggestions! I need help in getting a great comprehensive list of folks...some I don't even know.
-Post on the Facebook page your nominees, or email me at redlineroots@yahoo.com 

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