Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Show you need to know: Friday at Tommy Doyles w/Glenn Yoder and the Western States, Tad Overbaugh and the Late Arrivals, and Anders & Kendall

For this week's "Show you need to know" I caught up with Rick from Tad Overbaugh and the Late Arrivals to clue us in on a great gig coming up this FRIDAY, November 8th at Tommy Doyles in Harvard Square...details below, check it out.

1) So, tell me what bands are playing and how did you all meet?

Anders & Kendall 9pm
Tad Overbaugh & The Late Arrivals 10pm
Glenn Yoder & The Western States 11pm
RC: I met Anders Parker in 2006 while living in Seattle, through my bassist at the time whose NYC band in the 90s toured a lot with Anders' band Varnaline.  Anders and Jay Farrar of Son Volt had just recorded a record called Gob Iron, (http://www.jayfarrar.net/discography/death-songs-living) and the two of them flew into Seattle for a show, and borrowed our gear.  I subsequently saw him play solo a couple times, and this past summer I happened to be back in Seattle at the same time he and Kendall Meade were playing a house concert at the home of our mutual friend.  Since he now lives in Burlington, VT we talked about getting him down to Boston for a show with us at some point.  This date worked out for an east coast swing they are doing this fall.
 When I moved to Boston from Seattle in 2010, I met both Tad and Glenn via Craigslist ads they were running.  Ironically neither was looking for a drummer.. but they both described a style of music that appealed to me, so I reached out to them for some networking, knowing nothing at all about the Boston scene.  They were both extremely helpful to me in getting my bearings - Glenn connected me w/ a couple different guys in the NEAF circle with whom I played a few shows, and of course I ended up playing in Tad's band.  So we've wanted to share a bill w/ Glenn for a while, and it's extra cool that Anders and Kendall are on board.

2) Atmosphere can make a show great, what makes Tommy’s a good place to catch a show?

RC: Harvard Square in general is such a fun place on a weekend, seems like it's always a party on a Friday
night.  We personally associate Tommy Doyle's with our experiences at New England Americana Fest, having played that room last year, and enjoyed great shows this past September.  With the high stage it feels like a big venue, but it's still small enough to feel intimate too.. plus great sound.  Hard to beat.  Also if you have young healthy arteries, the Corky Pig Burger is insanely good!

3) Finally, shameless self promo…tell us why this show is going to rock!

RC: Most of your readers probably know Glenn Yoder already; as Red Line Roots has written, his new record is outstanding.  The live show is just as good or better.  Anders & Kendall play a lot of house concerts, so this chance to see them in Cambridge in a great room like this, is kind of a rare opportunity.  I hope a lot of folks will come support them so that they come back more often, and maybe for NEAF next year!  Tad is putting the finishing touches on his first solo record, due out in the spring.  He's a real professional in the way he approaches songwriting and performing, and the band seems to get better with each show. We have not played out since NEAF in September, so we can't wait. 

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