Friday, September 6, 2013

Show You Need To Know: Mark Kilianski CD Release

While it is true that Mark's new record "I Will Find My Lover By and By" came out a little whiles back (and I reviewed it, HERE!), the busiest man in the business is finally getting around to have a hootenany to celebrate. Where and when, you ask? Well, that would be THIS SUNDAY, September 8th at The Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain. I caught up with Mark to ask him what this record is all about, why he made it and more or less what to expect at this gathering. Here is what he had to say about it all:

RLR: Why should people come out to your release show?

MK: Because…it’s gonna be awesome. The CD I am releasing is a solo CD, it’s called “I Will Find My Lover By and By” and it’s song that were all written in 2012, except maybe one. The deep meaning of it is that it chronicles my working through heart ache and heart break and getting to a good place after being hurt.  It’s a solo album, so I recorded it with just myself playing guitar and singing and playing harmonica. The really cool thing about the show is that I am doing it with a full band, a 5 piece bluegrass band. So it’s not only me but I will have upright bass, banjo, fiddle and mandolin slash twin fiddle, there’s twin fiddle on a couple songs, which is awesome. So, it’s taking these bare bones arrangements that I think work really well and making them sound bigger and fuller. I think it makes it more interesting and exciting with this full band. This is the first time this is really happening.

What a cool concept, buy the record with the stripped down versions of the tunes to listen to later on, but see the full band really tear it up and make the sound full, deep, and rip-roaring hot bluegrass! Plus, there's going to be twin fiddle, COME ON! That is going to be awesome. Hope to catch you all there.

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