Tuesday, September 24, 2013

First Listen: Thomas Oliver "Old Men"

‘Old Men’ is a new track off of Thomas Oliver’s newest release “The Edge of America”.

Thomas Oliver harkens back to the time when country was country. This song is a bit of a throwback to country of the 70s for me. Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn and Charley Pride kind of country that I can bite into and get a good taste of the time for. It has a bit of that lonesome sound that I yearn for and instills a certain nostalgia in me that I didn’t know I wanted to feel. It’s a good thing.

The pedal steel makes its presence know right off of the bat and throughout the entire tune. Oliver’s voice is warm with that faint crackle needed to be a great country singer. The ensemble on the chorus plays a nice converse to the verse and the over all song. It has a great balance and rhythm to the structure. Has this been done before? Sure, but Thomas Oliver does it very well and in a world of people trying to make country music and falling short, the artist soars high above the competition.

They said old men, don’t sleep well in strange beds
when closing your eyes is an act of faith

All in all, the song has all the best elements of a good country song. Twangy guitars, a heartworn vocalist, and a soft waltzing rhythm section. I can say that I actually enjoyed this tune greatly and it is sticking with me long after my listening to it.

Check out Thomas Oliver online at: http://thomas-oliver.com/

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