Wednesday, September 18, 2013

NEAF '13 Feature Artist: Liz Frame and the Kickers

I admittedly didn't know much about Liz Frame and the Kickers before seeing them on this year's NEA bill...

But after the first listen…you folks have got my attention and I am listening. Raw energy and rootsy goodness here folks. Check out what they had to say in our next RLR NEAF 13 feature.

1. First and foremost, who are you, what do you do? That is, what band are you in or are you a solo artist, what have you guys been up to leading up to the festival, anything exciting we should all know about? Your chance for shameless self promotion…go!
LF: We are Liz Frame and the Kickers, and all-original Americana outfit based out of the north shore. We have just returned from a 3 week, six state, 10 venue mid-Atlantic tour and will be opening for Dawes later this month at the Kent State 'Round Town Music Fest! We've played some great rooms, like The Purple Fiddle, in Thomas, WV and the 5 Spot, in Nashville,TN. We have a headlining show coming up in December at Tupelo Music Hall, which will be our second time there. We are busy!

2. New England Americana and the Fest firmly plant their roots and morals in “community”. The event is a culmination of a community of musicians and artists that is going on all year. What does that community mean to you?
LF: Musical community means supporting each other by going to live shows, buying local music and offering up one's services for non-profit organizations. The kickers play an awful lot of benefit shows because we believe in giving back to the community that supports us. And it's fun!

3. Name a record that shaped you as a musician early on. What music initially made you want to sing, or pick up an instrument and make music?
LF: When I was quite small I became enthralled with the big band sound. I still love it. I also fell in love with a recording of a live performance by the weavers, a group my parents listened to a lot. I still love their music.

4. What are you listening to now that you think folks should be aware of?
LF: These days I listen to groups like the black keys, the ben miller band, jim lauderdale. That last one is someone most people don't know about but should. He is fantastic!

5. Music  festivals, in general,  are fairly well known for surprise sit ins, improvisational jams and collaborations. If you could see any two of this year’s acts collaborate on stage at this year’s NEA Festival, who would you like to see?
LF: Frankly, I'd like to see the kickers do something with girls, guns and glory:)

6. Why is creating music important to you? Why do you pick up your instrument and write songs? Why do you play that dive bar on a Thursday night? What keeps you going?
LF: I have no choice but to make music. If I don't, I go mad. It's really that simple. And I love, love, love playing live! This is what I was born to do.

Online at:
At the fest: 7:40 PM Friday night at the Tasty Burger bar!

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