Thursday, April 4, 2013

Red Line Scene Feature: Krista Angelucci

 Krista Angelucci is a rising country artist from the Boston area. A phrase that you may have had to double take on a few years back, but is becoming more and the norm in the present day. Now while some folks may not agree with me here, pop-country can certainly be considered roots or Americana music. The great thing about this community has been its constant support and acceptance to bring all types of music under one umbrella that defines music soaked in American tradition. So long as the artist is dedicated to their craft and does it for the love of music, I’ll be the first in line to jump on in. With a voice well beyond her years and a passionate drive and affection for music, I’d welcome Krista under the umbrella any day!

Krista took some time from her busy schedule of shows, radio performances, being nominated for local awards shows and writing for a new record to answer a few questions.
1: What projects are you currently working on?
KA: I’m very busy right now working on a lot of exciting things with my music! I am currently working on a new music video for my single "Like You" which will be released this summer. I will also be going back into the studio within the next few months to record some new songs.

Why do we have the best music scene? (if you don’t think we do, what do you love about the scene here in Boston/Cambridge/Somerville. If you are not as a part of the scene as you would like to be, what draws you to the roots music community in the area?)
KA: I think the Boston music scene is great! There are plenty of places to play and fun crowds to play for. I would say the country scene is huge for the college kids in Boston and that’s always a fun time. It would be great for Boston musicians to have more opportunities to play their original music.

Favorite OR least favorite/most embarrassing moment on stage from your career?
KA: My favorite time ever on stage was when I was out playing with a cover band and a fan walked over and requested "Like it or Not" from my upcoming album. Only a teaser of the song had been released at that time, and it was just really encouraging to hear that she already liked it!

If you could collaborate with anyone from the area (general New England) who would it be?
KA: Who would I want to collaborate with from the New England area? Steven Tyler all the way! Ha I love Aerosmith!

3 records that shaped you when you first started playing and 3 records that best represent who you are now/are listening to now?
KA: I would have to say my top three favorite records that I listened to growing up and encouraged me the most were all Amy Grant—“House of Love”, “Heart in Motion”, and “Behind the Eyes.” Other artists that were very influential to me were Martina McBride and Deana Carter. I would say in today’s music scene I would relate a lot to The Band Perry, Carrie Underwood, and Miranda Lambert. Those are some of my favorites.

Why is creating music important to you?
KA: Creating music is important to me-- not only because it’s a passion of mine, but because music speaks to people and touches lives. For me, it’s a way to some times "get things off my chest", but also a great way for me to share life experiences. If I can touch someone’s life or bring a smile to their face from a song I wrote, it’s a great and amazing thing!

Music you listen to that you otherwise wouldn’t tell your friends about?
KA: I wouldn’t say I listen to any type of music I wouldn’t want anyone to know about, but I do have some “different” choices in my playlists that people probably wouldn’t guess. My iPod includes all types of music from country to classic rock to Inspirational music. I’d say the most unexpected is the fact that I love Disney music! The sound track to “Oliver & Company” has always been one of my favorites.

Aside from music, do you have any other pastimes? What would you want people to know about you aside from your musical endeavors?
KA: Music takes up most of my time and I enjoy it more than anything, but there are other things I enjoy as well. I absolutely love animals! I could spend hours at the zoo. Also I am a chocolate freak! That’s the secret key to my heart. ;)
9.) Anything else you want to plug or we should know :
KA: My debut album “Like It Or Not” is available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and Spotify. You can learn more about me by visiting or I’m also on Twitter (@kristaangelucci), YouTube, Reverbnation, Bandsintown, and more! Recently I was honored with “Video of the Year” for my song “C R E E P” at the Limelight Magazine Music Awards, and am nominated for “Country Act of the Year” at the New England Music Awards! I have a lot of exciting and fun shows coming up this summer, so check out my tour dates-- it’s always great seeing new faces in the crowd!


Be sure to keep an eye out for this girl. You may just see her on her way up to the top of the Nashville charts and say "damn, I wish I got to see her way back when!"

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