Thursday, February 14, 2013

Glenn Yoder and the Western States "Javelina" - review

Former Cassavettes band member, Glenn Yoder’s sophomore solo effort “Javelina” knocks it out of the park.

The music has pop sensibility in the fact that almost anyone would enjoy listening to the songs, but it’s certainly not pop in the current sense of the word. There is a certain familiarity to the sonic qualities that draw a listener into each track, however, the music is undoubtedly an original blend and Yoder’s exciting and unique use of time in his song structure keeps the listener on their toes. His songwriting is on point, filling the 13 track work with catchy hooks and clever lyrics backed by a strong, clean vocal (with a hint of Texas twang).
Often garnering comparisons everywhere from The Jayhawks to Tom Petty, Yoder’s development as a songwriter and musician is in the forefront of the crafting of this project, while still holding strong to his roots. “Javelina” takes a shot at a wide variety of sounds ranging from gritty blues to folky ballads. Stand out tracks include the swampy sing-along “Pretty Little Girl” and yearning, harmony painted “Row”. Listening to those two tracks truly exhibits the dynamic range of this album. You can hear and feel the organic growth of this band as a tight unit and it certainly shows on this record with Josh Kiggans always on point drum efforts, Cilla Bonnie holding down the rhythm on bass, and Jeff Katz’s blistering guitar work.
All in all, this record has something for everyone. A great collective work from one of Boston’s best roots artists.
Head on over to Yoder’s bandcamp page and download the record for a name your own price (but seriously, it’s worth paying for...don't be a dick)…

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