Thursday, February 28, 2013

Anna Rae "Peddler's Wares" Album Review

If you have something to say, the best way to do it is simple, clear and crisp. Anna Rae’s debut release “Peddler’s Wares” (launching her into the Boston music scene) does just that. Lyrics that mean something, that are true and personal, but make the listener lean in a bit and relate on a deeper level than a lot of music typically does. The songs aren’t overcomplicated by overproduction, but rather well thought out and each part makes perfect sense. At the same time, I picture that this is exactly what you get when you go see Anna Rae play with a full band...and that is how a record should be. An accurate representation of the artist, which there isn’t nearly enough of these days.

The second that she begins to sing on the first track “Inheritance” I find myself smiling. There is a certain juxtaposition of the innocence of her voice mixed with the candid, mature subject matter of her songs that I still find myself smiling even when she proclaims:
“Would I miss you any less or any more
If I burn your house will I get stuck inside your door”

Each piece from the vocal, to the guitar, mandolin, bass and so on are crystal clear but fuse to create a united, delightful sonic quality. The majority of the record is a fairly relaxed tempo, with the occasional distorted guitar part. I find that I am listening, REALLY listening, to the music and the words and the music makes me feel almost dreamlike, very soothing stuff here. There is a certain gut-wrenching heart ache to the craft of Anna Rae’s songs, but she delivers it in such a way that I just really, really like her and what she has to say.

The record is extremely honest in is lyrical content and the fashion in which it was recorded. She is certainly a songwriter’s songwriter and forces (gently) the audience to pay attention to what she has to say. To sum it all up, this record is just plain pleasant, heartfelt and I really and truly enjoyed listening to it. Bottom line, this is beautiful music. I like you Ms. Anna Rae…and am happy you moved here to Boston!

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